'Some Came Running' movie trivia

• The movie was nominated for five Academy Awards but received none. Shirley MacLaine, nominated along with Elizabeth Taylor (“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”) for Best Actress, lost to Susan Hayward (“I Want to Live”). MacLaine was nominated four more times in her career, winning in 1984 for “Terms of Endearment.”

Martin, MacLaine, Sinatra

Martin, MacLaine, Sinatra

• MacLaine later wrote in her book, “My Lucky Stars,” that “the Clan” really got its start during the filming of “Some Came Running” in Madison. “The Clan” included MacLaine, Sinatra, Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop.

• In Martha Hyer Wallace’s book, “Finding My Way,” she wrote a chapter that discussed the movie and her Madison experience. Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role, she wrote that “the house in ‘Some Came Running’ got more mail than the actors did. MGM sent plans of that beautiful old farm house to people all over the world.”

• While many of the cast and crew stayed in Hillside Inn during filming of the movie, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin rented out the John Lucht home next door. Local cab drivers and Sinatra’s valet would make frequent trips downtown to pick up food, booze and prescription drugs at Rogers and Inglis drug stores. Lucht, (now deceased) who owned the hotel at the time, later reported that Sinatra got angry one evening and tore a telephone off the wall. The two guests also caused other damage, including leaving water marks from their drink glasses on the Lucht’s baby grand piano.

• The famous Hollywood trio of Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine and Frank Sinatra (above) left an indelible impact on the sleepy river town of Madison, Ind., during their three-week stay in 1958. Despite the river valley’s scenic beauty, Sinatra supposedly hated being cooped up in a “hick town” like Madison. He couldn’t find a bar that made his special drink and he had to have “dames” brought in from Indianapolis on the White Star Bus. And when he protested the script’s call for his character to be shot in the end, they changed it to have MacLaine's character shot instead. Guess it just wasn’t Frank’s “kinda town.”

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