Musical reunion

Gospel group ‘The Infinite Realm’
ends 14 year hiatus

Debra Maylum
Staff Writer

(January 2005) – On Saturday, Dec. 4, the Milton Baptist Church played host to the “Infinite Realm Homecoming Concert.” The show marked the 35th anniversary for the local gospel group, which in the 1970s enjoyed wide success throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

The Infinite Realm

Photo provided

The Infinite Realm includes (from
left) Dave Taylor, Steve Brown, Tony
Gossom, Rick Mahoney and Nancy Pettit.

Trimble County High School students Dave Taylor, Steve Brown, Tony Gossom and Nancy Pettit merged their musical talents in 1969 to form The Cordettes. In 1971, Neal Wright joined the group, which then changed its name to The Infinite Realm.
The group worked more than 65 engagements a year throughout the 70s and presented a number of musical styles. These included contemporary, country, bluegrass and soul as well as traditional gospel fare. In 1973, The Infinite Realm produced its first album, “Sounds of Infinity,” followed in 1977 by “Heaven Bound Trail” and in 1981 with “The Infinite Realm Autograph Album.”
Highlighting the group’s success was an August 1972 performance at the Kentucky Gospel Singing Convention, held at the Capital Plaza Convention Center in Frankfort, Ky. At the two-day contest, the group competed against 55 other musicians. The Infinite Realm finished runner-up to The Kinsmen, a Bowling Green, Ky., group that had played together professionally for many years.
The Infinite Realm stayed together for 22 years, although there were several personnel changes in that time. Family and jobs took priority, causing several members to come and go, said Taylor.
In 1991 when two of the four members opted to leave the group, the remaining two made the decision to take a break. The hiatus continued until recently, when the original members began entertaining the idea of a reunion.
After some thought and prayers the original members, Pettit – now Nancy Burrows of Sligo, Ky.; Gossom of Carrollton, Ky.; Brown and Taylor, both of Hanover, Ind.; and Hanover resident Rick Mahoney, who joined the group in 1978, decided it was time to revisit their message-centered harmonies once again.
“We got together to rehearse, and everything jelled. We were pleasantly surprised that we had not forgotten all that much,” said Taylor. The group first played a “tune-up” show at Gossom’s home church, Carrollton Christian, in Carrollton, Ky., where they received an overwhelming response. They then played a show at Hanover Baptist Church, where Taylor works as the Minister of Music. They then performed at Calvary Wesleyan Church in Madison, where Mahoney attends and is in charge of music. The three shows were preparation for The Infinite Realm Homecoming Concert, which officially marked the group’s return.
In its first 22 years, the gospel team left such an impression that fans remembered them and traveled from miles away to attend the homecoming show.
“Every chair in the church had to be brought out; it was tremendous,” said the Rev. Ferrill Davis. The Milton Baptist church, which normally holds about 130 people for Sunday Services, was packed to capacity with 256 fans.
“I would say that about 80 percent were fans that remembered us from years ago and the rest were those people’s kids, wanting to know who we were,” said Taylor.
The group plans to limit itself to one weekend per month to see how it works into everybody’s schedule, and plans to see were the Lord takes them from there, Taylor said. “Most of us are still in the process of raising families. All of us still work to make ends meet. We all have other obligations to work around, but each has been blessed with many talents and we feel a Divine imperative to share those talents with God’s people.”
Discussion is under way to put together an anthology CD that would include selections from previous recording sessions as well as some fresh recordings featuring the group as it is today. Taylor said he is hoping that it will come together in the first half of 2005.
Whether the group’s new beginnings leads it to local church gatherings or back to large-scale gospel events, it seems as though fans are ready to get out and support it. “Everybody is thrilled to death that they are back together, they have such a beautiful sound,” said Davis.

• The group does not have any definite dates set for upcoming shows, however, anyone interested in booking The Infinite Realm may contact Taylor at (812) 866-3295.

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