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Bigfoot's Eulogy PG Student
Stephen Neary, director.
Submitted by Stephen Neary.
Sensitive Bill the Bigfoot finds a friend and roommate in lonely Fred. But can their friendship withstand a shared love interest? A beautifully animated, heartwarming fable about relationships.

Dear Sweet Emma PG13
John Cernak, director.
Submitted by Loraine Cernak.
As the search is given up for Emma's latest husband, Tucker, a private look reveals that Emma has a secret and uncontrollable dark side. The sweetest angel and favorite citizen of Fishtickle would indeed pose an uncomfortable dilemma for all if her problem were ever found out.

Evocation G
Jaeyoon Park, director.
Submitted by Jaeyoon Park.
Evocation is a visual ode influenced by the poem “evocation” written by Kim So Wol. the poem “evocation” consists of strong emotional conflicts that occurs from losing a loved one. And these develop Han, ironic or paradoxical emotions, which I try to illustrate in Evocation.

Green G Israel
Zamoshchik, director.
Submitted by Sagi Zamoshchik.
An innocent butterfly is drawn towards a single green spot in the desert, to achieve his desire he has to overcome many man-made obstacles.

Kathy In Her Bedroom G
Nancy Jean Tucker, director.
Submitted by Nancy Jean Tucker.
Kathy In Her Bedroom is a music video for Los Angeles-based band Bedroom Walls' new album, 'All Good Dreamers Pass This Way.'

Linear Progression G
Kat Kosmala, director.
Submitted by Kat Kosmala.
In grass-eating comfort exists the orange protagonist of Linear Progression. Will life be as easy when he/she/it meets an obstacle on the straight and narrow path?

Nostalgia for the Present PG
Anya Belkina, director.
Submitted by Anya Belkina.
Inspired by Voznesenski’s poem “Nostalgia for the Present,” this black and white short visualizes the urge to unpeel or to crack open the illusory layers of nostalgia in order to reveal a deeper longing for the full apprehension of living.

Seasons G
Jim Tavernetti, director.
Submitted by Jim Tavernetti.
Seasons is a computer generated short animation about the cycles of seasons, relationships, and life. Seasons is dedicated to three close friends, Mike Monroe, Leah Sauer & Brent Kimble, who passed away at a very young age. The story attempts to present these tragedies in a creative and positive way. The music was created by Brent Kimble and his band Continental. The song “August Ends” is a tribute to them.

Sin-a-rator PG (May be offensive)
Adam Scheff, director.
Submitted by Adam Scheff
The Pope feels he needs to be more proactive in the church community. Luckily for him, the new Sin-a-rator X76 just became available. He hopes his new tool of enlightenment will help people 'see the light'.

The Bushman of Bunyip Billabong PG Student/Claymation from Australia
Cameron Edser, director.
Michael Richards, director.
Submitted by Cameron Edser.
Based on the tune of ‘Waltzing Matilda' and the legendary myth of the bunyip, The Bushman of Bunyip Billabong portrays Australia’s distinct outback environment and characters using a unique style of stop-motion animation.

Vitruvius' Toybox G
Dennis Iannuzzi, director.
Submitted b Dennis Iannuzzi.
Experimental animation that explores the relationship between motion graphic techniques, electronic music and the use of traditional graphic design ideas as a way of visually organizing an animated film.

A Spiritual Journey PG
Peter Turner, director.
Submitted by Peter Turner.
Two filmmakers travel border to border talking to ordinary Americans about their spirituality. From the Mexican Border in Texas to the Canadian border in Montana, they visit some of the most scenic and spiritual places America has to offer.

Between Iraq and a Hard Place PG13
Rex Pratt, director.
Submitted by Rex Pratt
As Martin Sheen narrates, hear and see from the soldiers view, war in Iraq. Learn what makes a Marine tick. What they miss. What they love. Stories of heartbreak and courage. Feel like you are there. Footage shot in Iraq and upon return. You will love these Marines and have a new respect for the price of war.

By The Wayside PG Regional
Soozie Eastman, director.
Justin Ostensen, director.
Submitted by Soozie Eastman, Oldham County, Ky., native.
Every night in America, 600,000 men, women and children go to sleep homeless. Every one has hope in their fight for a better life. Follow their stories, and others, on a journey as they struggle to rebuild lives that have fallen by the wayside.

Friendly Fire–Exposing Gulf War Syndrome PG13
Tom Muschamp, director.
Submitted by Zoi Florosz.
The U.S. sent soldiers to Iraq. Little did these soldiers know that their own government would inflict greater harm upon them than the enemy – by exposing them to deadly chemicals, depleted uranium and radiation- all causing severe and often irreversible health problems and death while the government denies all. Award-winning filmmaker Gary Null exposes the truth about the war in Iraq. Gulf war Syndrome and the secrets and the U.S. government is hiding from our soldiers and the world at large.

It's Happiness: A Polka Documentary PG
Craig DiBiase, director.
Submitted by Craig DiBiase.
“It's Happiness: A Polka Documentary” showcases the eccentric personalities of Wisconsin's waning polka community. Art Altenberg is selling the last polka bar in town, Greg Drust's record collection is rapidly approaching 1 million and Polka Boosters President John Pinter is determined to set a world record. Will polka be here to stay?

Jungle Remedy PG13
World Premiere
Kirk Jackson, director.
Submitted by Kirk Jackson.
A Belizean bush doctor has an herbal treatment for HIV/AIDS, but with no scientific evidence to back it up it could likely stay a secret. In a country with a severe stigma towards the disease and a lack of belief in the healthcare system, only a very few are willing to brave the camera to tell their stories. Meanwhile the health authorities refuse to organize or provide the proper tests to determine the effectiveness from the treatment. “Jungle Remedy” is the story of a bush doctor, who against opposition, continues to stand by his beliefs and treat those infected. This is the story of a man and a people who want answers and are not waiting for their government to provide them.

King Leopold's Ghost R
Pippa Scott, director.
Oreet Rees, director.
Submitted by Pippa Scott.
Starring Don Cheadle, Alfre Woodard and James Cromwell, “King Leopold’s Ghost” is the shocking tale of the richest country in Africa, claimed by the rapacious King Leopold II of Belgium. Under his greedy reign, the Congo suffered unimaginable horrors.

Knocking G
Joel P. Engardio, director.
Tom Shepard, director.
Submitted by Joel Engardio.
They won't pledge allegiance. They won't go to war. They won't accept blood transfusions. Civil libertarians? Holocaust martyrs? Medical revolutionaries? “Knocking” opens the door on Jehovah's Witnesses.

Refuseniks PG Regional
Sonja DeVries, director.
Submitted by Sonja DeVries, Louisville, Ky.
A moving portrait of Israeli men and women taking a stand for humanity. United in their refusal to participate in the military occupation of the Palestinian people, a high school student, a career military officer, an army medic, and others tell a conflicted and passionate story of how they have come to believe that taking a stand is crucial to their own humanity and to the future of their country.

Riverboat Dreams PG
Jay Kanzler, director.
Submitted by Jay Kanzler.
Gambling has become almost as common in American society as going to a movie. But at what cost? Who are the real winners and losers? 'River Boat Dreams' examines the personal struggles, the successes and devastating losses of people and communities for whom river boat casino gambling has become the ultimate wager.

Rommel and the Plot Against Hitler R
Nicholas Natteau, director.
Submitted by Nicholas Natteau.
“Rommel And The Plot Against Hitler” focuses on how Field Marshal Erwin Rommel became implicated in the July 20, 1944, officers' plot against Hitler. It is a morality tale highlighting the excruciating dilemma of the modern soldier forced to choose between obeying orders and following his conscience.

Rumble in the Heartland PG13 Regional
J.T. Crawford, director.
Submitted by J.T. Crawford, Paducah, Ky.
Independent wrestling is alive and well in America's heartland. Rumble in the Heartland goes behind the scenes and follows the lives of independent wrestlers and fans through a day’s training, a typical show, and their lives in the “real world.”

The Adventures of Mad Matt PG
Scott Rice, director.
Submitted by Scott Rice.
A hilarious and touching family portrait about four siblings growing up and making action movies at the dawn of home video.

They Are Still There G Regional
Dewayne Rudd, director.
Submitted by Dewayne Rudd, Louisville, Ky.
Even though they dwell within the thick cloak of dementia, loved ones afflicted with this relentless disease are not hidden from God. He has not forgotten them, and neither should we. This documentary declares their spirit still survives, and they still deserve our love.

Sawyerville G
Cliff Vaughn, director.
Submitted by Cliff Vaughn.
If Jesus had a tattoo, what would it be? Kentucky artist Steve Sawyer asks the question and paints the answer in this chronicle of Art for God, a family business struggling to survive and share its new vision of Jesus.

Street Witness PG13 Equador
Soraya Umewaka, director.
Submitted by Soraya Umewaka.
Soraya worked as an intern to counsel and tutor at-risk-youths at a street children’s center called Chicos de la Calle. In order to capture the complexity of the street children crisis, I incorporated a wide range of voices, including street youths, the former vice president of Ecuador, policemen and social workers. Amidst the turmoil and the daily struggle to make a living, these youths demonstrated remarkable resilience and dignity. If you would like to help these children, please email: streetwitness@gmail.com.

Un-Natural State PG
Kirk Mangels, director.
Submitted by Kirk Mangels.
In the style of Errol Morris, “Un-Natural State” examines the absurdity of a little-known civil rights circumstance in the nation's capital. For more than 200 years, the residents of Washington, D.C., have fallen through a loop hole in the Constitution and have never had representation in the U.S. Congress. There is no democracy in the capital of the United States of America.

Expiration Date PG
Rick Stevenson, director.
Submitted by Rick Stevenson.
“Expiration Date” is a romantic fable about Charles Silvercloud III, whose grandfather and father were both killed by milk trucks on their 25th birthdays. Oh, and Charlie is about to turn 25. Having accepted his fate, Charlie is responsibly going about preparing for his death(buying a casket, selecting a grave plot, selling his furniture, etc.) when he meets a crazy girl who won't let him die in peace. If you are interested in advanced reservations to purchase this DVD, go to the above website and use the password:Bluegrass.

Firefly R
Pete Marcy, director.
Submitted by Adam Anderson.
Firefly interweaves the stories of three people seeking the mysterious truth about what happened one fateful Halloween night. The answers will come Christmas Eve.

Red Thread PG13
Teddy Sharkova Pashikov,
Submitted by Teodora Sharkova.
One night, right after her fiancé has gone on a business trip, Tamara gets injured. There is no one to help her except Billy, the apartment complex maintenance man. Tamara and Billy unexpectedly discover a friendship that could lead them both to realizing the dreams they’d nearly given up on… if only Tamara weren’t engaged and Miss Johnson, the widowed community manager, weren’t watching.

Rigoletto... in Bluegrass PG Canada World Premiere
Rob Swales, director.
Submitted by Rob Swales
Rob Swales’ adaptation of Guiseppe Verdi’s 1851 opera, “Rigoletto,” takes the original characters of Verdi and adapts them to small town Canada. The music is adapted in the bluegrass genre as the film opens with a 14-piece mandolin orchestra. Musically, the film has a unique take on favorites from the opera including Questa o Quella, Caro Nome and La Donna E Mobile. Top-notch musicians, including Canadian Legend Washboard Hank (who plays The Duke), perform these popular arias.

Room 314 R
Michael Knowles, director.
Submitted by Michael Knowles.
Watch as five different couples in different stages of their relationships check into Room 314 and deal with underlying tensions, desires and a need to be loved.

Self-Medicated R
Monty Lapica, director.
Submitted by Monty Lapica.
A desperate mother hires a private company to kidnap her troubled son and take him to a locked-down and corrupt psychiatric hospital where he is subjected to the secret physical and emotional abuses of the institution.

Sixes and a One Eyed King R (Not for the faint of heart)
Ray Nomoto Robison, director.
Submitted by Scott Ford, Ky.
Six formerly suicidal contenders vie to be the last alive and win millions, not knowing that international high rollers are betting via the Internet on the Russian roulette-style games and that lon’lost relationships will complicate the odds.

Souvenir R (Nudity)
Natasa Prosenc, director.
Submitted by Wallace Zane.
A mystery about illegal African art, dangerous love and the consequences of colonialism in the West.

The Bonnie Situation R
Peter Matkiwsky, director.
Submitted by Peter Matkiwsky.
This Jersey Indie teaches us that when it comes to love, logic need not apply.

The Garage PG13
Carl Thibault, director.
Submitted by Carl Thibault.
A mechanic at his father's garage, Matt dreams about leaving his small town existence and pursuing grander ambitions. But strong feelings about a new girlfriend and a deep bond with his parents and brother prevent Matt’s escape, despite pressure from best friend Schultz to take off with him immediately. It's about the choices we make... and the roads we take.

The Trouble with Dee Dee R (Language)
Michael Meiners, director.
Submitted by Michael Meiners.
Lisa Ann Walter stars in the story of an eccentric socialite with a knack for pulling off hopelessly wild adventures who struggles when she finds herself disowned by her millionaire father and abandoned by her teenage son. “The Trouble with Dee Dee” is a new take on parents and children that frustrates, amuses and warms the heart. At once shocking and endearing, Dee Dee overcomes her rough exterior to draw people in with her childlike joy of life and her heart of gold. The movie attacks our knee-jerk reaction to write people off when they don’t adhere to accepted social norms, by enticing us to stick with a character we might otherwise have turned away, with a feeling that we might be pleasantly surprised.

The Uniform Motion of Folly PG13
Jeanne C. Davis, director.
Submitted by Jeanne C. Davis.
After her husband dies, Ella and her two children must move from the privilege of Malibu to the struggling rural family farm of her brother-in-law. While the family copes with their loss, Ella is gripped by the fear of hereditary effects of suicide.

29 Reasons to Run R
Damon O'Steen, director.
Submitted by Gary Weeks.
Murphy's Law takes over when a slacker (Jack Paradise) runs out of couches to sleep on and decides to take a road trip to find his lost love, but only after tricking his novel-challenged writer/ best friend (Peter Jonson) into going with him by making him believe that this trip could be the story he's been waiting to write all of his life.

Binta Y La Gran Idea G
Shorts - Spain & Senegal
Javier Fesser, director.
Submitted by Javier Fesser.
Binta is a 7-year-old girl who lives in a small charming village on the Casamance River in Southern Senegal. She goes to school. Her cousin Soda does not have the same good fortune. She is not allowed to learn about the things of the world. Binta admires her father, a humble fisherman who, concerned about the development of mankind, is determined to carry out an idea that has occurred to him.

Cinematorture PG
Shorts - Russian Federation
Denis Filyukov, director.
Submitted by Denis Filyukov.
“Cinematorture” is a short comedy about how a movie is made.

Dos Sombras (Two Shadows) PG13/R – Shorts - Spain, Poland, United Kingdom
Pawel Kloc, director.
Submitted by Michael Denny.
“When pain and the past mix with vengeance.” Ramon returns to Seville after 15 years. He meets two friends in his favorite bar to get drunk. On the way home he notices graffiti in the streets. He soon realizes that something isn't quite right...

Dhyaas (Longing) PG
Student - Pune, India; Sukhada Gokhale-Bhonde, director.
Submitted by Sukhada Gokhale
Dhyaas (Longing) is a 20-minute narrative about an orphaned pickpocket called Babu, who yearns for human connection in a city filled with people. After Dada, his only friend shuns him away, Babu sets on a journey to find himself a family. The protagonist of the film is a non-actor from a local school in Pune.

Geoffrey Bagel PG13
Shorts - Australia
Jared Houseman, director.
Submitted by Jared Houseman
Geoffrey Bagel and his newly found friend, Nathan Gouda, embark on a film making adventure together. How far can they go with no money, no actors and no crew?

Honeymoon R - Feature - South Korea
Sejin Hur, director.
Submitted by Sejin Hur.
This is a story about one man's journey to find the truth about his beloved wife's death and the meaning of eternal love.

Cruel Logic PG13
Brian Godawa, director.
Submitted by Brian Godawa
A university professor of sociobiology is captured by a brilliant serial killer who debates with him about the professor’s own theory of the biological origins of crime. The topic: His moral right to kill the professor.

Cowboys of Florida PG Documentary
Victor Milt, director.
Submitted by Victor Milt.
Cowboys in Florida? You bet. This movie shows it all; from ranching to rodeos to the threat of rapid development threatening this century old way of life.

Forgotten Son PG Regional
Don Simandl, director, Lexington, Ky.
Submitted by Barbara Jackson
This is a methamphetamine awareness fictional short targeted for junior and senior high students as seen from a teenager's POV, whose mother is an addict.

4-Sighted R
Andrew Pinon, director.
Submitted by Andrew Pinon.
An unfaithful husband's devotion is challenged when he is kidnapped by his lover's husband and forced to confront his wife with the truth.

Harry and Greta PG13 Regional
Ryan Cooper, director.
Submitted by Lynda Coble.
Harry will go to any length to save his career. Now all that stands between him and a paycheck is one little old lady, and Greta. Will Harry be a winner? Or dinner? Director Ryan Cooper is a former University of Kentucky student and the son of Lexington residents.

Perils in Nude Modeling R Nudity
Scott Rice, director.
Submitted by Scott Rice.
A student on the verge of expulsion must choose between life-long ambition and love when a nude model makes a dangerous demand in the middle of a prestigious art school drawing class.

Rosa PG
William Olsson, director.
Submitted by William Olsson
Rosa, a young girl, sells roses on the streets of a vast Latin American City. Her father has disappeared and her mother has moved in with another man. Equipped with a torn photograph of her dad, Rosa descends on a quest to find her beloved father.

Snapshot PG
Andrew Lund, director.
Submitted by Andrew Lund.
A famous photographer, played by Henry Darrow, must face the reality behind his photographs or risk losing more than just his life.

Something True R
Thor Gold, director.
Submitted by Thor Gold.
A gigolo who longs for a real connection with a woman finds it in the arms of a beautiful murderess.

Stuck G
Clark Harris, director.
Submitted by Brett Jaffee.
Five strangers, Marty, Virginia, Sasha, Brian and Belinda, are passengers on an unreliable elevator that breaks down just before reaching the 11th floor of an old, big-city office building. The minutes turn to hours. Some days last a lifetime. Starring Wendie Malick and Ken Howard.

That's My Baby PG Comedy
Staci Simpson, director.
Submitted by Staci Simpson.
“That's My Baby” is a lighthearted look at maternal instincts gone awry. When two women in a park both lay claim to the same child tempers flare and the fight is on.

The Father, Unblinking PG13
Ziggy Attias, director.
Submitted by Ziggy Attias.
Set in rural America, a father discovers his young daughter dead of fever and makes the decision to bury her secretly, without informing his wife. It is a story of how two people deal with the death of their child and their inability to communicate their feelings and thoughts with each other. Fine Art Magazine describes the story as “Imaginative and original, a wonderfully sensitive, moving and compelling dark tale.”

The First Date PG
Brian Pearce, director.
Submitted by Brian Pearce.
Mike Crawford has never had much luck in love, but that may all change tonight. “The First Date” follows Mike and his thoughts on another blind date. Will he blow another chance at love or will he be able to build up the courage to sweep her off her feet?

The Man Who Couldn't Dance PG Comedy - New Zealand
Barry Prescott, director.
Submitted by Barry Prescott.
Alge dreams of being a dancer. The only thing standing in his way are his legs – he doesn’t have any.

The Projectionist PG
Comedy - Regional
Greg Slagle, director.
Submitted by Greg Slagle.
Owen Brown faces the tough decisions in life: his job, his girlfriend and the pressures of his family. Luckily for him he has his trusty projector with him that reveals all truths. Greg Slagle is a native of Kentucky and a graduate of The University of Kentucky.

The Story of Bubbleboy PG Australia
Sean Ascroft, director.
Submitted by Sean Ascroft.
In a stab-happy world, a sad outcast wrestles with his demons. “The Story of Bubbleboy” is a film about being trapped by the past and redeemed by the future.

Valour R Ireland
John Vaughan, director.
Submitted by John Vaughan.
The sole survivor of a failed Allied attack during World War I tells his story, but will his commanding officer believe this tale of Valour?

wants... G
Daedra Kaehler, director.
Submitted by Daedra Kaehler.
A homeless woman is given a lottery ticket – a stroke of luck or a wasted buck!

Confession PG13
Michael Yum, director.
Submitted by Michael Yum.
A film that boggles the mind and makes you think carefully of what you have just seen.

Dairy Cow G
John Duarte, director,
Submitted by John Duarte.
Dairy Cow is an amazing, awe-inspiring, all-ages experience that will leave audiences breathless. Filmed on location in Tulare, California; Dairy Cow takes viewers to a different type of existence. An existence that is slow and simple, but still satisfying and fascinating. With beautiful photography and wonderful music, Dairy Cow emotionally pleases and educates audiences.

Dancing Ground PG
Tobin Addington, director.
Submitted by Tobin Addington.
Firecrackers fly through the sky, ghosts dance in the dust, an old man wanders the prairie with a gun, and a small town sheriff searches for another chance.

Every Time I Breathe Out, You're Breathing In R
A.E. Jablonski, director.
Submitted by Alex Jablonski.
A soldier returns home from Iraq and struggles to adjust to his old life. His homecoming is made more difficult when the Muslim woman he shot and killed appears in his pool and begins living with him and his family.

Jersey Blues R
Yuri Alves, director.
Submitted by Yuri Alves.
One man torn between Jersey street philosophy and American jazz, between boyhood and manhood, between tragedy and hope. Today destiny grows inside a soul Johnny has never known.

Lights Out PG
Erick Fefferman, director.
Submitted by Erick Fefferman.
A retired journeyman boxer forced to give it up returns to the ring one last time.

Mantis PG13 Canada
Brendon Foster-Algoo, director.
Submitted by Barry Choi.
After years of a strained marriage, Adam Merritt and his wife, Alice, have violently drifted apart. When the turbulence of their differences comes to a head, Adam must decide what is ultimately more important: the lives of his children, or the future of a highly destructive relationship. A dissection into the gendered psychology of the abuser and the abused, social services, and the law, “Mantis” provides a view into a world of familial disintegration, societal prejudice and a father's shocking and final attempt at redemption.

Road to Hunter R
Sara Booth, director.
Submitted by Sara Booth, Ky.
Two aspiring journalists embark on a 4,000-mile road trip to crash Hunter S. Thompson’s memorial, where his ashes will be shot out of a cannon over his fortified compound. They hope to publish an article documenting their exploits. Can an iconoclast, drug addicted, gun loving wild man who became famous in the 1960s possibly help guide two young writers today?

Theodore PG13
Jorge Moran, director.
Submitted by Jorge Moran.
A lonely schizophrenic African American finds the love of life, but can he keep her?

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