NASCAR hopeful

Madison racer Mahoney
on track with corporate sponsorship

Midwest Tube Mills Inc. backs local talent

By Kristi Whitehill
Staff Writer

(August 2008) – Young Cody Mahoney of Madison, Ind., has spent most of his life behind a steering wheel. Mahoney’s love for the sport started at only 2 years old, even before he started walking.
Mahoney’s racing seems to

Cody & Garry Mahoney

Photo by Kristi Whitehill

Cody Mahoney (left) poses with
father Garry Mahoney in
front of his stock car.

be in the family blood. His father, Garry Mahoney, was a race car driver in the mid 1990s.
“He’s a better driver than I was,” Garry said of his 21-year-old son.
Maybe it is a father’s pride or maybe he can see the potential a veteran sees in a young driver. In any case, he is acting out his support by working in the pit crew for his son.
The younger Mahoney is on track to perhaps someday racing in NASCAR. Starting his racing career in 1994 with circle cart racing, Mahoney quickly became familiar with the winner’s circle. He won numerous circle cart races. After circle cart racing, he moved up to racing mini-cups (replicas of NASCAR). In 2001, Mahoney hit the dirt track and nailed his first feature win in 2005.
The younger Mahoney seems to have every reason to be arrogant; however, he comes across as quiet spoken and reserved. But he is quick to flash a winning smile.
Whether his skill or personality or the combination of both, Midwest Tube Mills Inc. owner Rick Russell has decided to help finance Mahoney’s dream. The company is sponsoring his asphalt racing career.

Cody Mahoney & Rick Russell

Photo by Kristi Whitehill

Cody Mahoney is show with Midwest
Tube Mills Inc. owner Rick Russell.

Racing on asphalt surface is the next step in the progression to NASCAR. Racers will start on dirt tracks and as they win on the dirt, they move up to asphalt tracks. The movement from dirt to asphalt is also a move to a new racing division.
“I really like the asphalt and I want to continue to race on it,” Mahoney said.
Russell said that he enjoys NASCAR because of the grassroots beginning of the sport and because it is a place where people can take their families. He smiled and said that his wife, Lisa, enjoys watching Mahoney race as much as he does. Also, Russell said he sees a need for area businesses to “give opportunity to Indiana youth.”
The history of the NASCAR is an interesting one. NASCAR started during prohibition. The moonshine runners needed to upgrade their cars to outrun the police officers. The runners would challenge each other to contests of speed. These contests of speed eventually became races.
Mahoney, keeping alive the tradition of speed, on July 19 raced the new ASA late model stock car (any production based automobile) on the Salem (Ind.) Speedway.
The race was new experience, one that he would like to repeat.
Now that Mahoney has tasted a new kind of race, he has some decisions to make concerning his racing season. Racers are awarded points for each race in each racing division. Since Mahoney has switched to asphalt, he has moved to a new division and will decide this season which races will give him enough points for a championship. Racing in a championship races gives him the opportunity to race for a state championship, which, in turn, gives him the opportunity to race in national championships, such as NASCAR.
When he is not racing cars, Mahoney is racing four wheelers with his friends. His favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is race and, of course, his dream is to be a NASCAR driver.
Madison resident and Internet website enthusiast Bob Cline manages a website – MadisonCameRunning.com – that keeps on Mahoney’s career.
“I really thank Rick Russell for sponsoring me and my parents for helping me to get to this point in my career. And Bob Cline for the website.”

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