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Madison weightlifter Salib
makes big plans for future

Rockstar Gym owner
competes nationally in bodybuilding

By Nichole Osinski
Contributing Writer

(December 2011) – Bodybuilding means giving up time and energy. Running a gym takes time, energy and a knowledge about business and clientele necessities.
Hany Salib, owner of Rockstar Gym on Miles Ridge Road in Madison, Ind., has experience in both these areas. He has worked his way through losses and injuries while keeping his eye on his goals and future plans.

Hany Salib

Photo by Nichole Osinski

Personal trainer
and gym owner
Hany Salib recently
won the competition
at the Kentucky
Muscle Show in
Louisville and placed
11th in a national
competition Miami.

Not only is he an active bodybuilding competitor, but he also has a desire to help others get in the best shape of their lives. And what better way to do this than by buying a gym and providing an atmosphere centered around looking and feeling healthy?
When Salib took over as owner of Rockstar on July 1, he had a vision. He was already a personal trainer in Louisville, but his plan was to expand. In addition to this, he has continually been preparing himself for bodybuilding competitions. Now he has two main goals: make the gym even more successful and win more competitions.
“I wanted to do something more,” said Salib, 33. “My goals are always getting bigger – physically, mentally, financially.”
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Salib’s passion for bodybuilding and fitness began at the early age of 13. His father was in the U.S. Army and was dedicated to physical training.
When his father used a weight bench in the garage, Salib’s previous interest was piqued. This, along with his fascination with World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers, started a life long passion.
When Salib’s family moved to Fayetteville, N.C., he started pursuing a career in fitness. A pivotal moment for him was when he was working at a gym and a bodybuilder encouraged him to compete in the North Carolina teenage bodybuilding competition. Salib began training with his new mentor. He won the competition and was “hooked.”
While studying physical education in college he also sold gym memberships for extra money and continued training on the side. Soon he began to transition into personal training and found that not only was it rewarding but something he enjoyed doing.
Salib stopped his university classes to be a full-time personal trainer and continued competing in bodybuilding competitions. When he entered the men’s level in bodybuilding, Salib faced a completely different challenge.
Now he was up against competitors with more experience and more muscle.
Though daunting to some, Salib continued working out and eating right to physically attain his goal.
As Salib trained and matured he also began looking for new ways to help others attain their physical goals.
After moving to Louisville, Salib began working for the owner of a personal training studio. In less than a year, Salib bought the gym and started working with clients.
“I liked seeing people accomplish their goals,” said Salib. “Whether it’s pounds, inches or winning competitions, it’s very rewarding.”
The work didn’t stop in Louisville. A few years later Salib was ready to expand. When an ad highlighting a gym in Madison showed up, Salib looked into it.
The previous owners, Nick and Brandi Navas, knew Salib and sold him the gym. He wanted to create an environment that was professional yet didn’t intimidate people.
Vivian McIntosh-Gregory, owner of Miss Vivian’s Tanning Salon and the original owner of the gym, has seen the progress Salib has made. She also does personal training with him twice a week.
“Hany really knows his stuff,” she said. “He knows what to do and he’s educated me.”
Salib has now been a personal trainer for 15 years. He has a full schedule at the gym, especially during these colder months. Between his training sessions in Louisville and position at Rockstar Salib, he clocks in about 90 hours each week including 70 to 80 personal sessions.
Being the owner of a gym also means Salib does the bookkeeping and secretarial work. Even though there are days that can be challenging, he says that it’s not hard because he enjoys what he does.
And it’s because of this passion that he has inspired and trained others. However, he makes sure to be honest with clients and let them know that what they put into it is what they will get out of it.
He uses the motto, “Champions do what competitors don’t,” to challenge those around him.
Salib clearly explains to anyone working with him that even if they think they don’t have time, they do. He uses his own day as an example, pointing out that he drives from Louisville to Madison for work then afterward works out himself.
Salib has been perfecting his own fitness regime since he started competing at age 18. He considers nutrition one of the major factors in what he does. At the gym he can be found with what he calls his “meals on wheels:” a cooler stocked with health food to keep his metabolism up throughout the day.
Between Salib’s commitment to nutrition and fitness he has found a way to do well in bodybuilding competitions. He won the overall show at Kentucky Muscle fitness in Louisville and placed 11th in the national competition in Miami.
With these accomplishments under his belt, Salib isn’t ready to slow down just yet. He hopes to win the national competition and eventually open another gym. The future is wide open with possibilities. But at this moment he feels that he “couldn’t ask for more.”

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