Madison’s Hinkle’s make elite list
of Super Bowl sandwiches

Indiana Tourism campaign to highlight
state’s best in online burger contest

By Nichole Osinski
Contributing Writer

MADISON, Ind. (January 2012) – Super Bowl XLVI and sandwiches. On any normal day, the sporting event and popular American food wouldn’t seem to have much in common. However, with the 46th Super Bowl being held in Indianapolis on Feb. 5, 46 sandwiches and the restaurants where they are made are being highlighted for locals and visitors during this occasion.
Restaurants, such as Hinkle’s Sandwich Shop, will now be listed in the “46 Best Sandwiches in Indiana” for Super Bowl visitors to eat.
The “Super 46 Sandwiches” was established through the Indiana Office of Tourism Development in conjunction with Indianapolis Monthly and the Super Bowl Host Committee.

Jack LeGrand

Photo by Nichole Osinski

Jack LeGrand, his daughter,
Amber Weatherbee, and his sister,
Rose Conway, are the people
behind Hinkle’s Sandwich Shop
in downtown Madison, Ind.

The publishers of Indianapolis Monthly selected the popular hamburger from Hinkle’s Sandwich Shop to be featured on this list.
Hinkle’s is the only Madison-area sandwich that is being featured. From the “46 Sandwiches,” Indiana residents and visitors will be given the chance to go online and vote for their favorite. The list coincides with the Super Bowl playoffs. Once voting starts, the list will be narrowed to 16 restaurants and eventually to the No. 1 spot.
Though this has the characteristics of a competition, the “46 Sandwiches” campaign is more of a way to highlight the delicious and delectable in Indiana, tourism officials said. This is also an opportunity to draw attention to unique towns and cities and bring in visitors during Super Bowl and after the game.
Featuring Hinkle’s not only gives the sandwich shop recognition but also gives the city a new reason to be proud of the local shops.
“There are 90 counties in the state, and who knows how many towns,” said Linda Lytle, executive director of the Madison tourism director. “To end up as one of the 46 was really great.”
Hinkle’s, known just as much for the savory smells drifting out the doors as its burgers, has been around since 1933.
In July 1996, the current manager, Rose Conway, was approached by her brother, Jack LeGrand, about buying Hinkle’s. Conway had previous experience managing restaurants, so she jumped at the opportunity. She quit her job and on Nov. 1 she and her brother bought the place. Today, LeGrand’s daughter, Amber Weatherbee, co-owns the local favorite.
And what exactly sets the shop apart from other Indiana eateries? Conway believes it is more than just good food. It’s also the historic location and the unbeatable price.
Being named one of the 46 isn’t the restaurant’s first nod of recognition, though. Hinkle’s is also mentioned in the book “1,000 Places to see in the United States & Canada Before You Die,” by Patricia Schultz. Just look under Madison, Ind., and it’s there.
But what does being named one of the 46 in Indiana mean for Hinkle’s?
First, the hamburger will be featured on Super46.com, a website “dedicated to the list of the Super 46 Sandwiches.” It will also be included in 100,000 Indiana Travel Guides leading up to the Super Bowl XLVI. If Hinkle’s hamburger makes it to the top 16, another round of voting will happen and the overall winner will be announced Feb. 2.
Any prize for the No. 1 sandwich has not yet been disclosed. However, the recognition in itself could be worth more than any award.
“We feel absolutely honored that we were even included in the 46,” said Conway. “Just knowing that we got nominated is just a reward in itself.”
The 46 Sandwiches will be featured in a special section of the Indiana Travel Guide and will be printed for distribution during Super Bowl XLVI. The “sandwich playoffs” begin Jan. 4 and while there is no ranking it does offer “foodies” a place to vote for their favorite sandwich.
This is a fun way to incorporate people outside of Indiana to try new places to eat and hopefully travel outside of Indianapolis before and after the Super Bowl, officials said.
For the people of Hinkle’s they are simply delighted to be in Madison serving popular dishes. The past feedback they have received has been positive whether it has been someone enjoying one of their cheeseburgers or getting a new customer who found the store by “following their nose.”
For Conway, having Hinkle’s selected for the 46 Sandwiches has been exciting.
“We’re very happy to be where we are at,” she said.
And no matter what happens after Super Bowl, she’s satisfied to be in Madison and serving the community – one burger at a time.

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