Riding for a Higher Cause'

Madison area riders form
new Christian motorcycle group

It will be a chapter of an existing
national cycling organization

By Nichole Osinski
Contributing Writer

(January 2012) – Motorcycles give many individuals a chance to get out and enjoy the freedom of the road. For others, motorcycles provide social outlets that bring together people with a similar interest.
One growing community has been combining a love of motorcycles with a higher purpose. Their cause? To evangelize and reach out to the community.
This is the Christian Motorcycle Association – a nondenominational motorcycle ministry that has spread to 30 countries. Now a group of men and women are preparing to start a chapter locally in Madison, Ind.

Christian Motorcycle Members

Photos by Nichole Osinski

Christian Motorcycle members not
only spread a message of hope but
provide a way for men, women and
children to come together for a common
purpose.The organization’s back patch
(below) identifies who the members
are and is a nod toward what this
association is all about.

Motorcycle Patch

This chapter would carry on the association’s mission. At the same time these men, women and children – those under 18 can join the CMA youth movement – are looking for ways to go above and beyond, because for them it’s not just about being evangelists but personifying a servant-like attitude.
“We want to show the world that Jesus loves us all and we need him,” said Raymond Spicer, a Christian Motorcycle member.
Spicer, 46, is one of the original organizers planning to start the local chapter. About two years ago, he and Jerry Dennis, another member, felt that this was a need in the community.
Both agreed that it had been laid on their hearts. At the time Spicer still wanted confirmation to take the next step. When he was at the association’s state rally with his wife, the national evangelist gave the message that if the Lord put something on a person’s heart they needed to do it. They had a green light.
The first step was finding people willing and able to join. When Dennis, 59, joined, he had been wanting to ride motorcycles with other Christians who had similar interests. He has a Suzuki Boulevard and Spicer, who has been riding since he was 8, can be seen riding his 1982 Goldwing. Even though these motorcycles are a key tool for evangelizing, members are quick to point out that having one isn’t necessary to be in the chapter.
“You don’t even have to have a motorcycle,” said Dennis. “It’s open to anybody who has a servant’s heart.”
The same goes for the location. The chapter may be located in Madison, but this organization welcomes people from anywhere. There is no fee to join, and becoming a member gives a whole new meaning to being a disciple.
Since the Madison chapter of CMA is just getting started, members are trying to reach out and provide for needs in the community any way they can.
Some members have been ringing bells for the Salvation Army, while others have been involved with prison ministry and homeless shelters.
The association is primarily a motorcycle ministry and has helped out at charity poker runs, fundraisers and rallies. There are times when they directly evangelize and other times when it’s less direct. One day they may be blessing bikes at a ride, while another they might be serving food and drinks with “One Percenters.” The bikers that make up the more infamous gangs that include the Hells Angels, Outlaws and Banditos.
Being part of the motorcycle community has opened doors to reach out to more people. Invitations to bars or events are usually the first step to not only evangelizing but forming friendships with other bikers.
“If you have one person that comes and talks to you and gives his life to Jesus, it’s worth it,” said Dennis.
Several members are already in chapters, such as Wheels of Faith in Columbus, Ind., and JC’s Bunch in Clarksville, Ind. By starting the Madison chapter, they plan to extend their cause in places not yet reached.
To become an official chapter, the group must have a full set of elected officers, a regular meeting time and a minimum of 10 back patch wearing members. The back patch, also known as colors, identifies members of motorcycle clubs. While most clubs have a three-piece patch, Christian Motorcycle members can be identified by their single patch of a Bible and praying hands.
In these off months when many bikers have put their motorcycles up for the season, the local Christian Motorcyclists are using this time to meet. To become official, all criteria must go through the state representatives and also the south central region’s national evangelist.
Soon they will be choosing officers and begin preparing to become an official charter chapter.
However, those getting this started want to make sure that this isn’t being rushed. The chapter isn’t yet official, but the sense of excitement toward seeing that goal come to pass stirs the hearts of those already coming.
Spicer points out that Jesus wasn’t only in the synagogue or temple; he was out in the world. This is what the association is about – going out in the secular community to reach the public who need them most. These Christian motorcyclists want to make it known they are ready and willing to help anywhere and anytime.

• Anyone interested in joining the association is urged to attend a meeting to learn more. The next meeting is 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 20, at the Ponderosa Steakhouse on Clifty Dr. in Madison. Contact Jerry Dennis at (812) 801-1946 or Raymond Spicer via email at: raymond_heike4christ@juno.com.

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