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Madison, Ind., native Mclean
set to publish second novel

She launched her first novel in March

(May 2013) – Since she was a child, Janie Mclean has seen things others miss. “I see people walking down the street who aren’t there, but I see them. They never see me; they just keep looking straight ahead. I know they aren’t there, but they are. These experiences have let me know there is another dimension out there. So I wanted to get it into books.”

Janie Mclean
Janie Mclean

On March 2 at Madison Coffee and Tea in Madison, Ind., Mclean celebrated the release of her first book, “Secrets of the Future – The Jennie Madison Story.” In “Secrets,” the close-knit residents of Mylan, Ga., face the potential demise of their small town through the schemes of an unscrupulous investor from San Francisco. Protagonist Jennie Madison combines the wisdom she’s gathered from years of studying customers coming to her beauty salon with the protection of her supernatural guardian to tackle this complex mystery so she can save the town – and its secrets.

Book Cover

Already selling more than 1,000 copies since its March 5 release, “Secrets” delights readers with its mix of mystery, romance and humor – with a little paranormal on the side.
Born in Bedford, Ind., Mclean, 60, moved to Madison with her first husband to open The Hair Shack beauty salon. Though she now lives in Georgia., Mclean still considers Madison home. For years she focused on her work as a beautician and raising her five children.
“When my youngest moved out, I was this single woman who didn’t know what to do with herself. I took a couple of months off work here, then I just decided to move to Costa Rica.” Mclean bought a house near the beach and enjoyed a two-month pity party.
“But, nobody there felt sorry for me, so I decided I better do something with myself.”
Mclean began by building and operating a small tourist hotel. “That gave me the confidence that I could actually accomplish something on my own,” says Mclean. “So then I decided to try what I’d always dreamed of doing – putting the stories in my head on paper.”
Mclean began with screenplays. She wrote 14 and found an agent who connected her with someone from Warner Brothers to try to bring her stories to the screen. After a year of frustrating negotiations and rewrites, Mclean opted to refocus her efforts by putting the screenplays into book form. She has already produced six books. “Secrets’ was the first to hit shelves, but the others will quickly follow.
“The Mystery Reunion” is set to release on June 25, and a third book is scheduled to come in the fall. “I plan to return to Madison Coffee and Tea in June for the book launch for ‘Mystery Reunion,’ ” says Mclean. “The first was such a success; I just have to come back again. Meeting people who had read the book and getting their feedback, sharing the experience with my friends from home – I can’t wait to do it again.”
Her readers can’t wait either. Lida Jane Robertson, 83, of Stockbridge, Ga., enthusiastically endorses Mclean’s book. “I read all the time. A friend recommended this book, and I wondered how it would be since she was a new author. But the title got my attention. It was about a beautician and her friends, and it was also a mystery. Once I got into it, I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what would happen next, then next. I read it and reread it. I can’t wait for her next book to hit the market. I’ll be at the bookstore to grab it as soon as it is out.”
Her readers’ enthusiasm means the most to Mclean. “I want people to know how much I appreciate all the feedback I get from readers. I met so many people at Madison Coffee and Tea who enjoyed the book and wanted to meet me. That makes me feel good, and that’s what it’s all about – the accomplishment. I really didn’t have time to think about what I wanted to do until after my children were grown. I was just a hair dresser for so many years. But then I built a hotel, and I wrote a book – a book that was actually published.
“I had to have a pity party first, but I got there,” says Mclean. “Now, I just want to share all the stories in me with my readers.”

• Mclean’s book is available through Amazon and on her Internet webpage: www.janiemclean.com.

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