Musical Trio

New group Madison Improvisio
shows off its many talents

Reindollars, Bennett play
a variety of song genres

(December 2014) – A conversation with the members of musical trio Madison Improvisio is fast paced, somewhat chaotic and educational. All three Madison, Ind., area residents are passionate about music and are excited to share their thoughts and beliefs.

Photo by Don Ward

The newly formed Madison
Improvisio band consists of
(from left) Rick Bennett, Brook and Carrie Reindollar. They played at the Madison Chautauqua in September.

Brook Reindollar, 51, Carrie Reindollar, 39, and Rick Bennett, 57, like to discuss music – a lot. But they love to play even more. All three are long time members of the larger groups Soundz of Dixieland and the Madisonians.
When Carrie was asked to perform at a Fourth Friday event organized by the Madison Main Street Program, she immediately thought to bring husband, Brook, along for some piano accompaniment. Further consideration led her to the decision that three is not a crowd, and the couple invited friend and fellow musician, Bennett to perform with them. The three musicians enjoyed playing as a trio so much they decided that they should keep on doing it.
“That is when we decided to form the group and give it a name,” she said.
Latin for “unforeseen,” Improvisio is a good word to describe their style of music. All members agree that they do not spend a lot of time planning their performances. Not only that, but the range of musical genres that they pull from is very wide. A set can begin with an old standard, progress to the blues, New Orleans jazz, and end with original material.
“We never know what we are going to play next,” says Brook.
This method of allowing the music to guide them keeps the musicians on their toes and has proven to be entertaining for the audience as well. Not only does the group change musical style frequently, but the members themselves are able to switch from instrument to instrument with ease.
Bennett, a Hanover College professor of art, plays the tenor saxophone, drums, guitar and bass. His musical background includes opening for the Dead Kennedys when he was a member of a punk band called “The N.” The group performed from Chicago to Cincinnati and recorded an album comprised of six original songs.
Brook’s musical career began with the trumpet. He has since added the piano, upright bass and trombone to his repertoire. He has performed with the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra. He is now the proprietor of Ghost Note Music, where he provides music lessons to approximately 40 students ages 6 and up.
Carrie’s relationship with music began with the school’s band program. “It was my favorite thing about school,” she says. Proficient on the tenor saxophone, clarinet and drums, she maintained her love of music by performing with various church bands as well as her current groups. She and Brook were among the founding members of the Madison Community Band, and she sings with the Madison Community Chorus.
The trio recently performed at this year’s Madison Chautauqua Festival of Art. They were located at the foot of Broadway Street and Vaughn Drive, and people could be seen clapping in time and dancing as they made their way through the festival. During this gig, the group was asked many times if they sold CDs. Since they just formed this year, the group had no CDs to offer, but they plan to rectify that very soon. They intend to create an album that will showcase a variety of musical types. The important thing is to maintain the spontaneity that works so well for them.
“We would like for it to sound as live as possible,” Bennett says.
Brook adds that the group does not like to rehearse. “We’re all good enough that we can show up and see what happens.”
Carrie adds that the trio has been playing together long enough for this method to be successful. “We know how to react to one another,” she says as her bandmates nod in agreement.
Currently, the only show that the group has lined up for the future is a Valentine’s Day performance that is still in the stages of being planned. However, it is definite that the more exposure they receive, the more bookings they will have. Their music is a lively communication to their audience that is irresistible.
“We just enjoy this,” says Carrie. “Yeah we aren’t trying to make a billion dollars,” adds Bennett.

•  The group can be booked by contacting Brooke Reindollar at Ghost Note Music, 2403 Wilson Ave., in Madison or by calling (812) 265-1473.

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