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Milton's McLaughlin pens
Trimble history book

The book features about 250 historical photos

(May 2015) – Even though Phyllis Codling McLaughlin is not originally from Trimble County, Ky., she wanted to give something back to the region where she has lived since 2002. Having worked in the newspaper business, she found herself coming across numerous old photographs that portrayed many years of history.
The pictures helped her to come up with the idea of creating a book about Trimble County’s past titled, “Images of America: Trimble County.” This is her second published endeavor, the first being a similar pictorial history book about Carroll County titled, “Images of America: Carroll County.”

Phyllis Codling McLaughlin

The second book came out in February and so far has been selling very well, she said. Previously a writer for the Carrollton News Democrat, McLaughlin said she put her editorial duties at the newspaper behind her and is now working mainly as a professional genealogist.
She first got her book idea after she had visited the Arcadia website at www.arcadiapublishing.com and thought she would propose a book idea. She wrote to them and described her ideas over Carroll County and Trimble County “down the road.” She specified that she got an answer back rather quickly explaining to her what she would have to do.
However, McLaughlin laughed when she added that Arcadia first got in touch with her, they suggested that maybe she should consider combining the history of the two counties into one book because they were so rural, and make one book.
She informed them she did not think that was a good idea due to the fact Trimble County and Carroll County border each other and are rivals in many ways.
McLaughlin said she had 400 to 500 photographs to sort through that were donated from people in Trimble County and she could only put in 200 to 250. So she thought if one took the time to do research correctly and “a person really does the job right, there should be no reason to have to combine books, especially with counties next to the river because they have been around so long."

Phyllis Codling McLaughlin's new book entitled, "Images of America: Trimble County."

“I have gotten really positive feedback,” said McLaughlin, 52. “Lots of people have told me they really enjoy the book. They are just tickled to death that there is something out there on Trimble County.”
By publishing the book, McLaughlin said she feels like she has given something back to the community. “Here is your history. It’s not my history because I’m not from here, but it’s yours, Trimble County. My newspaper background helped out a lot because of having to do research.”
McLaughlin thinks that by not being from around the area that it helped in making the book better. She never came to either of her books with any preconceived biases. She knew that she needed to have certain individuals in the books because of their contributions to each of the counties, yet she did not have any favoritism toward any specific person or family.
She examined the quality of the photographs closely and also looked hard at what the individuals were doing inside the pictures.
McLaughlin was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Convoy. Ohio. She resides in Milton, Ky.
Arcadia officials explained that its goal was to publish everywhere possible across the United States where there happened to be interest in that area’s local history. They focused mainly on small town America. Trimble County most definitely fit into what they were looking for in their “Images of America” series.”
Phyllis talked about doing lots of leg work for the book – especially when she was researching information for individuals who had served in the military. She said she was able to get a lot of information at the Trimble County Library. However, she also went to graveyards for information. She used www.ancestry.com quite a bit. As for the photographs, she would either go to people’s homes and scan them there or meet them at the library and put the picture information in her computer there because she did not want to risk damaging the photographs.
“I really hope the people of Trimble County enjoy it. It’s their heritage and history.” She added that was extremely thankful for the pictures that people had provided. She said that “the photos were what was vital to the success of both books.”
She added she also hoped the books could help residents “feel closer to history. What they learn in school and in history books can actually feel more real to them. When you are a kid and learning history, it doesn’t seem interesting because you can’t connect it to anything in your own life. But when you can actually see the history and you look at it and how you fit into it, that just makes it all the more interesting.”
To purchase a copy of “Images of America: Trimble County,” visit the Arcadia Publishing website at www.arcadiapublishing.com/9781467113625/Trimble-County. The cost is $21.99.
The book is also available at several area locations, including Farmers Bank of Milton, Little Town & Country restaurant, Bedford Hardware and Village Lights Bookstore.
Those interested may also email McLaughlin at twistedrootsgenealogy@gmail.com to purchase copies.

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