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Scott County Elvis impersonator
makes it big in Memphis, Tenn.

Albertson to be filmed as part of an Elvis documentary

(August 2015) – A film documentary about Elvis Presley and his life is being made featuring a southern Indiana man who has made a career performing as an Elvis impersonator – Travis Albertson of Austin, Ind. “Elvis: The Legend Continues” is currently in production and is scheduled to premiere Jan. 8, 2017.
The documentary is primarily about Elvis’ career, casting a positive light on his life and the accomplishments he made. The film also includes five other Elvis tribute artists, including Albertson.

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Travis Albertson of Austin, Ind., performs as Elvis Presley during a recent show. He is scheduled to perform during Elvis Week in Memphis, Tenn., in August and be part of a new Elvis documentary.

The documentary film crew will be coming to the Scottsburg-Austin area to film Albertson in his hometown as well to talk to his friends and family, according to Albertson. In addition, he will be performing at two shows with his full performance in Memphis, Tenn., during “Elvis Week” in August. His shows will be in Graceland at the Tent and the Clarion Hotel, where the filming is planned for the documentary.
Elvis Week is celebrated each year in Memphis with the remembrance and honoring of Presley’s life, music and movies. It is in August because it is the anniversary of The King’s death. The celebration is scheduled for Aug. 8-16 this year.
“They got a hold of me through Facebook after seeing some of my videos and pictures,” said Albertson, 45. “I had many fans liking my stuff, so the producer found me and called to asked about me.”
They have already started the project with some video shooting at the Lincoln Theater in Massillon, Ohio. The theater is 100 years old this year. The premier of the documentary will also be held at the theater.
Albertson has previously attended Elvis Week in 2013 and did a show. However, this year is a much bigger event to him because he has a real contract and everything is more official.
“I have actually had about 10 different managers,” said Albertson. “Being a tribute artist is a little different than just music.”

Albertson as The King

He said he is happy to be working with his new manager, Sandy Milbrun. She is originally from Memphis and knew the real Elvis personally.
“I’m telling you, Travis is the closet thing to the real Elvis – all the way down to his talk, his laugh, and even his charisma,” Milbrun said by telephone.
Albertson is originally from Louisville, Ky., but currently resides in Austin.  He has been singing since age 12. He grew up in the time of Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.
“I did a talent show one time, and I was doing all kinds of songs, and a lady came up to me and asked if I had ever heard myself sing. She said, ‘You sound just like Elvis Presley.’ ”
It actually took him six years after that before starting his career as an Elvis impersonator. Now his part-time life as The King has landed him a full-time job.
“With the movie, it will be weird seeing myself on the giant screen and have everyone around watching me,” said Albertson. “But I am interested in what they have to say about me.”
Albertson admits that he does not like to see himself on video, but he has to film himself to see what he needs to improve in order to keep getting better. He has even started writing his own original songs and will start the recording process in early August.
“I enjoy meeting the fans and the people who come and talk to me after. Some tell me that they saw the real Elvis live, and that show is so similar to the real thing,” said Albertson.

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