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New owners hope boaters return
to Rivercrest Marina

A June 15 grand opening is planned
to showcase upgrades

(June 2016) – When river levels allow, dredging and other work at Rivercrest Marina in Madison, Ind., is moving full speed ahead. Owners Tom and Melodie Power are getting ready for a really busy but fun summer on the river and are planning a grand opening celebration for June 15.
“Dredging continued through May with plans to be finished by early June,” said Tom.
“It is the rise and fall of the river that has kept us from being finished sooner,” added Melodie.
Under previous owners, dredging had fallen behind schedule. A marina of that type should be dredged every two years, they said. But it had not been done properly since 2001. Boats owners had left, and occupancy was down to 15 percent because there was a history of some larger boats dragging bottom. But Tom has a permanent solution to that problem.

Photo by John Sheckler

Tom and Melodie Power have renovated Rivercrest Marina in Madison, Ind., and hope for a big boat season.

“The dredging will never be a problem again,” he said. “We have purchased a dredging boat that will allow us to have an on-going dredge schedule for years to come.”
The material dredged from the river is being pumped uphill away from the river and will fill a 12-foot deep, two-acre hole. It will become solid dirt once it dries.
Dredging isn’t the only improvement at Rivercrest Marina.  “We are remodeling the dock to make the ramps more accessible,” said Melodie. “That is an important step for our plan to connect all the docks. We have also purchased a dry storage area for boats during the offseason, and our dock store is more complete.”
Pizza will be added to the list of offerings at the dock store, she said. Other improvements, such as marina management software, aren’t as easy to see but will make life easier for the boaters and marina operations.
“The software will allow us to serve customers,” said Melodie. “It will allow us to keep up with vacancies and invoices, and make month-to-month recurring bills for long-term tenants.”
One of the primary goals for the marina is to help make Madison a regular stop for the Ohio River boating community. To help accomplish that goal, the couple has purchased six golf carts that boaters can rent by the day or weekend to go back and forth to town for dinners or for other activities, Word about the changes is spreading quickly.

Photo by John Sheckler

The entire marina basin was dredged over the winter to give boaters easier access.

“Boaters are coming in with lots of inquiries,” said Tom. “Our dock master, Shorty Baker, needed an assistant because things are starting to happen. There haven’t been two people working here in 15 years.”
Steve Fischer of Madison is one of the boaters who paid a recent visit to Rivercrest Marina to see the changes.
“I have been boating all my life,” said Fischer. “If I live 100 years, I’ll still be boating. I am glad to have this open. It is nice to have a place on the river to visit and get fuel. Tom has done more this year than others have done the whole time it has been open. This will definitely put Madison back on the map as a boat destination.”
Julie Wattenbarger of Madison had a boat until 15 years ago but sold it because her children were taking them to gyms every week. “We had no time to use the boat,” she said.
Now the family has a 30-foot Crownline cruiser at Rivercrest Marina.
“We dock here because I have lived here my whole life and always knew it was here,” she said. “We enjoy the river and are planning an overnight boat trip to Frankfort (Ky.).”
There is a high energy level being paid to the improvements at the marina. Grooming of the landscape is high on the list. The grass is being cut all the way to the parking lot. Before, it was only cut close to the docks. Tom is planting vegetables and sunflowers on the barrier between the river and the marina. However, he is a bit concerned about the many geese that call that part of the Ohio River home.
“We thank God we have the opportunity to serve the people around here,” Tom said. “We are going to have a very fun year. I think this will be one of the best years Rivercrest has ever seen. It is no longer just a place to pay for fuel.”
Rivercrest is a full service marina nestled at the water’s edge at 1200 W. Second St. in Madison at Ohio River mile marker 559. The marina accommodates vessels up to 90 feet and offers both covered and non-covered slips available for the year, the season, or the weekend.

• For more information, email Tom Power at info@rivercrestmarina.us or visit www.rivercrestmarina.us.

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