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New bridal venue opens
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MARYSVILLE, Ind. (February 2017) – Growing up in Marysville, Ind., Peggy Hostettler dreamed of owning the big dairy farm down the road. Through the years the dream remained, and in 2015 it became a reality when her husband, Greg, knocked on the door and asked the owners if they were willing to sell. The Hostettlers purchased the 100-acre property at 7520 Oscar Long Rd. and began the transformation from working farm to a multi-use event facility, which became Franklin Farms Event Venue.
“The barn is what sold us on the property. I always wanted to open an event venue and the barn is just perfect for parties,” said Hostettler.

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Greg and Peggy Hostettler are enjoying their new venture.

So far, the venue has been the site for a Christmas Bazaar, Breakfast with Santa and an old fashioned outdoor music jamboree. Hostettler is currently working with an events company in Louisville, “We hope to attract corporate events, however, weddings will remain a focus,” Hostettler said.
According to an article in About Travel, every year an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United State, with $32,641 being the average spent on a traditional American wedding. Only 33 percent of weddings take place in a religious institution, and that number continues to decline.
Rustic or barn weddings are seeing the biggest increase in preferred wedding locations, a report says.
The Hostettlers split their time between Marysville and Nashville, Tenn., where Greg continues to work in the corporate office for Lifepoint Hospital. Helping to keep things running when they are not in town is their son Logan and his wife, Christy.
Although everyone in the family pitches in when and where needed, certain responsibilities have filtered to different members. Peggy handles the showings to potential clients and the bookings; Logan oversees the finances and the remodeling projects; Christy does the marketing and advertising. As for Greg, “He stays in Tennessee and makes the money so I can spend it on the farm,” Peggy joked.
Logan also serves as the general manager of another business in which the Hostettlers have part ownership – the 1894 Lodge restaurant in New Washington, Ind.
Logan and Christy were the first couple to hold their wedding at the venue this past October. “We were sort of the test wedding, and it went flawlessly,” Logan said. “The amount of infrastructure that had to be put in place in time for the wedding was overwhelming – electricity, water and parking, all to accommodate 600 people.”
Acknowledging the project is a big undertaking, Peggy said she finds every day exciting and sees potential everywhere on the property. Greg, who enjoys gardening, hopes to create a Gentleman’s Garden where he can grow fresh vegetables for venue events.
The Hotstettlers hired P. Allen Smith, an award-winning designer and gardening lifestyle expert from Arkansas, to help organize the renovations. Smith provided a comprehensive plan that included architects drawings, an economic plan, recommended work phases and even a wedding venue plan.
Phase one included all the basics of the transformation from dairy farm to event venue, including details such as the new paint color for the house.
Phases 2 is focused on the barn. When completed with new floors, a staircase, bathroom, kitchen and a wheelchair lift, the barn will accommodate parties up to 300 on the upper floor and up to 200 on the lower level. The expansive lawn makes the property open to parties of any size.
Across from the barn is a garage, which has been renovated to serve as a bar, outfitted with antique furniture for intimate gatherings.
A true family project, it was not uncommon for Logan to arrive at the farm to find aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews all converged to work on the property. “We come from a very large family, and fortunately we work together well,” commented Logan.
Working with family, some of whom communicate from long distances, wires can get crossed. “One day I arrived at the farm to find a staircase had been installed in the barn,” Logan said. “I called dad and asked, ‘when did we get stairs?’ His response was, ‘Oh, I forgot to tell you about that.”
Future plans include making the main house available for events. The 6,000 square feet offers two master suites, one of which can serve as the bridal suite, two single bedrooms with a bath, and a gentlemen’s bar, which could be used as the grooms dressing area. Sometime in the future, the Hostettlers say they hope to turn the room over the garage in to an additional suite.
With the wedding season fast approaching, bookings have been coming in a steady stream. Five are already booked for 2017 and one for 2018.

• For more information on Franklin Farms Event Venue, visit its Facebook page or call Peggy Hostettler at (615) 944-8844.

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