Tribute to the King

Austin, Ind.’s Albertson performs as
Elvis at documentary premiere

He also appears in the film, which was shown in Ohio

(March 2017) – “I waited two years for that moment, and due to strep throat I missed it.” Director Florin Marksteiner said of the national premiere of his documentary, “Elvis, The Tradition Continues.”
Featuring Austin, Ind., native and Elvis Presley tribute artist Travis Albertson, the documentary focuses on the musical legend that is Elvis and the huge industry that has been built around that legend. Performing to a sold out crowd at the Jan. 8 premiere in Massillon, Ohio, Albertson opened the show with a 45-minute tribute to Elvis. The performance included two original songs he wrote for the occasion, “More Than an Image” and “Katie’s Smile.”
Albertson describes walking on to the stage at the 200-year-old Lion’s Lincoln Theatre as overwhelming, breathtaking, and something out of the old movies.
“It was so amazing to see my name above the picture of Elvis on the theatre marque,” said Albertson, 46, originally from Louisville, Ky. “My family reminded me that I always wanted to be in the movies, and there I was.”

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Travis Albertson performs at the premiere of the documentary "Elvis, the Tradition Continues."

According to Marksteiner, the crowd gave Albertson a standing ovation and begged him to return to the stage when the documentary ended. He rewarded the audience with an additional 90 minutes of Elvis tunes.
A shy child in school, his girlfriend at the time and now wife, Erica, wondered if he would ever get up the nerve to propose. To overcome that shyness, Albertson leaves his personality at the door, causing many to comment that he is a natural Elvis. He even provided the voice of Elvis in the documentary.
Albertson likes to transport his audience back in time, which sometimes includes kissing a few women who approach the stage. Erica takes it all with a grain of salt, proud of the happiness he brings to the audience.
Building on the success of the premiere, Marksteiner is working on a national tour that will include the live performance by Albertson and the viewing of the documentary.
“My goal is to work with Elvis fan clubs in the major cities, from Los Angeles to New York, incorporating the event in to a fund raising opportunity for the local clubs,” Marksteiner explained.
A crowd favorite at the premiere was when Albertson invited other tribute artists in the audience to join him on stage to perform the Elvis classics, “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” Marksteiner said he hopes to recapture this moment on the road.
After a two to three months tour in fall 2017, Marksteiner said he hopes to arrange for a big homecoming for Albertson in Madison, Ind., including the documentary and live performance.
Asked if the documentary has changed his life, Albertson did relate one funny outcome. “I found out that someone was selling shower curtains with the image of me from the movie marquee. They were forced to stop before I could get one for myself.”
In the meantime, Albertson continues to stay busy. On April 22, he is scheduled to appear in a local benefit in conjunction with Madison resident Evelyn Wolf.

Albertson’s future performances can be found on his Facebook page, “The Sincerely Elvis Tribute Show.”

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