Bigfoot Madness

‘Squatchers’ to descend on Trimble Co. in search of ‘Bigfoot’

Bigfoot Expo offers anyone a chance to join in the hunt

(September 2017)
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Don Ward

I was sitting in my office one day in July when in walked a middle-aged woman who immediately began talking about promoting her new website dedicated to local sightings of Bigfoot – you know, that mythical ape-like “Sasquatch” creature that supposedly roams the woods at night while we are all sleeping safely in our beds.
Well, of course I thought this woman must be crazy, but I continued to listen and tried to keep an open mind.
And a straight face.
Now we have all seen the cryptic, fuzzy photos and sketches of Bigfoot over the years. But Reva McManis of Carrollton, Ky., says she has actually seen him (or her). She has the photos and the sound recordings to prove it. Now her mission is to educate others about these shy, hairy, humanoid-like creatures and conduct research expeditions into the woods in Trimble and Carroll counties to find scientific proof of their existence.

Bigfoot Expo

• Sept. 16-17 at Tandy Farms, 1343 Thornhill Rd., near Sligo, Ky.
• (502) 732-4623 or email: Reva@BigfootMadnessllc.com

“Many people don’t believe they are real, but I know they are real,” said McManis, 59, whose eyes get bigger and bigger as she talks about her encounters with Bigfoot. She is a retired accountant/buyer with several local manufacturing companies.
“I may not have seen it, and others may not have seen it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. Some say it’s just a myth, but it’s definitely not a myth.”
McManis not only researched the subject with her fellow “Squatchers” as they call themselves, but in August 2015 she published a book on it called “Kentucky Squatch’n.” (Yes, available on Amazon.com)
Since then, her tireless dedication to finding and recording evidence of Bigfoot has resulted in founding a company, Bigfoot Madness LLC, a website, a Facebook page, T-shirts and now an actual event where anyone with interest can come and listen to speakers and storytellers, and participate in an actual night-time expedition.
The inaugural Bigfoot Expo is planned for Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 16-17, at Steve Losch’s farm in Trimble County. The location is in Tandy Farms at 1343 Thornhill Rd. near Sligo, Ky. Saturday’s activities begin at 9:45 a.m.
Losch, who owns The Loft Restaurant-Country Collectibles store in Sligo, will be cooking pork barbecue and serving it to Expo guests for lunch on Saturday as part of the $2 admission for adults and $1 for children 10-under. Visitors are urged to bring a chair and a side dish.

Photo courtesy of
Jeremy Sage, WKM News

Reva McManis of Carrollton, Ky., has created a business enterprise out of her research and search for the mysterious Bigfoot in Carroll and Trimble counties in Kentucky.

Along with a presentation and photo exhibit by McManis, the keynote speaker will be Greg Yost of “Nite Callers.” He is a 15-year Bigfoot researcher from Jeffersonville, Ind.
“My photo exhibit will be of some extraordinary things never before seen or photographed and revealed to the general public,” McManis said.
The Expo will also feature vendor booths, door prizes, hiking, campfires, fossil hunting and sporting activities. Overnight camping is available for $15, and guests will be invited to participate in an expedition that night.
McManis even appeared in a segment on WHAS-TV’s “Great Day Live” on July 14 to talk about her research and the upcoming Expo.
Now that’s some serious publicity for someone whom most might regard as borderline wacky!
McManis doesn’t mind the ridicule from disbelievers. “I get all kinds of teasing, and people write mean stuff on my Facebook page. But it doesn’t bother me. I just shrug it off.”
No, in fact she is laughing all the way to the bank, with sales of her book and T-shirts. And she is already working on a second book, which she says she hopes to publish in December.
But don’t misunderstand. McManis is not in this for money. Rather, she is truly dedicated to informing as many willing converts she can of what she calls “the truth” about Bigfoot.
And she’s serious.

Photo provided

Bigfoot researcher of 15 years Greg Yost of Jeffersonville, Ind., will be the keynote speaker at the Bigfoot Expo.

“It’s bad enough talking about Bigfoot and people thinking you’re crazy, but when you start talking about what these creatures can do, then they think you’re doubly crazy,” she said.
So McManis focuses on the educational element to her efforts.
“I hope to get young people who are interested in science, ancient history, anthropology and archeology to come to the Expo and anyone wanting to learn about new technology coming out is available now to monitor and record these things. It’s an educational and family oriented event for believers and skeptics and people of all experience levels in this type of research.”
Since announcing her plans for the Expo and her appearance on “Great Day Live,” McManis has gained considerable notoriety in the area. She was even invited to hold a Bigfoot seminar on Friday, Sept. 8, at Cabela’s outdoors store on Norton’s Boulevard in Louisville. So if you are in the mood for an evening of Squatchin with like-minded folks and hearing about things that go “bump” in the night, show up at 6 p.m. at Cabela’s.
“All are welcome, and I will be in the Conference Room showing my photos and the types of equipment that I use,” McManis said.
Meantime, McManis says plans for the Expo are coming along, and she expects 300-350 people to attend. “But since it’s the first time, you never know. It could be three or 3,000.”
(Note: If we have 3,000 “Squatchers” camping out in Trimble County, we may have to notify the authorities!)
Even if you are not a believer, McManis says anyone is welcome to come and enjoy the day at Tandy Farms and some delicious pork barbecue.

After all, we know pigs are real.

• Don Ward is the editor, publisher and owner of RoundAbout. Call him at (812) 273-2259 or email him at: info@RoundAbout.bz.

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