Rebranding Effort

Folkners rename soap store to help expand sales abroad

The couple now operates as Fountain Alley Body Care

(October 2017) – The owners of All Good Things handmade soap store in downtown Madison, Ind., have changed the business name to Fountain Alley Body Care. The Folkners, Larry, 66, and Sonia, 52, started making their products in 2004 and sold them at Wanda’s Gifts, just down the street.
But in fall 2009, the Folkners decided to open their own store on Madison’s Main Street. Recently, the Folkners decided, after international inquiries for their products, that they wanted to register with the U.S. Trademark Office. Since the name was very similar to many others, it was time for a change.
“Our kitchen opens up to Fountain Alley, which goes to the Broadway Fountain” said Sonia “We wanted to pick something that would more embrace Madison since this is the town we started in.”

Photo by Sam Swartz

Larry and Sonia Folkner pose inside their newly expanded Fountain Alley Body Care store in Madison, Ind.

The Folkners’ store is known for the all-natural ingredients in their products – right down to their environmental friendly packaging. The couple wants to share more of what they do that is earth friendly.
“We have biodegradable wrap and recycled paper. The labels and one of our newest packaging are from a plant-based plastic that is also compostable.” Sonia said.
Mostly every product uses natural essential oils and some have all-natural organic herbs as well.
“Our pricing is affordable, considering its all-natural, so I think those are things that set us apart and stand out from other companies” Sonia said.
After years of research, with different phases and step by step, the Folkners are finally trying to get to where they want to be and reach their vision. Once Fountain Alley gets settled down and everyone gets familiar with the name change, modifications are in order.
“We are setting up a nationwide monarch (butterfly) garden, a registered Waystation. It’s just a vision, to educate the public,” Larry said.
Looking forward, the couple wants to do more things for the environment. The Monarch Waystations are places that provide resources necessary for monarch butterflies to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. Without milkweeds throughout their spring and summer, the breeding areas of monarchs in North America would not be able to produce the continuous generations that culminate in the migration each fall.

Photo by Sam Swartz

Biodegradable, plant-based plastic wrappers are used to package soaps at Fountain Alley Body Care.

“We want to show our support of monarch conservation, and for us, we believe Madison to be a great place to do just that,” Sonia said. “What we are going to do is right here in the community. It’s a nation-wide thing. It will help with tourism and help the locals as well.”
The most popular products in the store would hands down be Fountain Alley soaps, they said. Currently, they have almost 50 different types of soaps.
“Soaps are the big hitters and what we recommend,” said Caroline Folkner, Larry and Sonia’s daughter-in-law. “It’s almost uniquely ours. Not many other soap stores use essential oils, and they may say it is natural, but some have fragrance oil and other ingredients that I know aren’t natural. Soap is Fountain Alley’s niche.”
Since they have multiple different types of soaps, it’s hard to choose. But their best seller is the Orange Twist, which with its citrus smell. It’s very refreshing.
“I have a theory, it’s just my own, but everyone needs more vitamin C, and I feel like we don’t eat enough fruits,” Sonia said. “Since that’s real essential oil, when you pick that soap up and smell it, it’s the smell of orange oil, and your brain says, ‘I like this, I want this.’ That’s why I think it’s the best seller. Everyone gravitates towards that particular soap.”
The facial line would also be considered one of their more popular products. The regeneration oil, which is one of their best sellers for both genders, is gravitated toward younger skin, but it also helps with damaged skin, sun damage, acne, etc.
“We have had so many responses on Facebook saying this facial line helped their skin or how wonderful it is. It’s easy for us to boast about the products, but if you get feedback from the people who are using it, it gives a whole different outlook on it,” Sonia said.
Fountain Alley’s facial line has everything from masks to moisturizers, regeneration oils, scrubs and many more.
Fountain Alley welcomes all, from locals to tourist, to come check out their new design, new products and much more.

“No one else is willing to put the money into making high quality products,” Caroline said. “It’s really hard for companies to try and buy stuff all USA made, and even as far as presentation and esthetics go, nothing is really like it compared to Fountain Alley. Being natural, doing things locally and sustainability is really hard and takes a lot of commitment.”

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