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Golfers should warm up before tee-off


(March 2010)
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By Trevor Crafton
Cozy Acres Golf Complex

Picture a rubber band that has been frozen. Take it out of the freezer or snow and now pull it a part. What happens? You will notice the rubber band breaks or is not as elastic as it would be if it were warm.
Now picture yourself teeing off on hole No. 1, and you have not done anything but gotten out of your car, grabbed your clubs, and met your buddies on hole No. 1. It’s your turn to tee off, but you are not loose yet.
Well, if you have not figured it out, your muscle fibers are acting just like the frozen rubber band. You need to warm them up. Most golfers simply grab their driver, put it over their shoulders, and twist. This is good, but it is not great.
Try this in the 2010 golfing season. It will take four minutes before it’s your turn to tee off.

1. Place feet shoulder width a part with hands on hips. Bend forward for 10 seconds; bend to the left for 10 seconds; bend to the right for 10 seconds; and bend to the back for 10 seconds. Now repeat, but do it faster and faster. Stay on balance.

2. Balance on your left foot and take your right ankle and rest it on your left knee. Now bend down slightly and you should feel a stretch in your right hip-butt area (gluteus medius). Now switch legs by balancing on your right foot and left ankle resting on your right knee. It looks like sitting in a chair and resting your ankle on your knee. “Like a man sits.” Only difference is you are balancing. Do this 15 seconds per leg.

3. Now take your driver out, place it on your shoulders and twist from side to side. Instead of only doing this a few times, stay with it while increasing speed for at least one minute. The idea is to almost break a sweat.
Happy Golfing. Come see me out at Cozy Acres for Golf Specific Personal Training. I only have a few more spots available.

• Trevor Crafton holds a master’s degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University, Bloomington and an A.C.E. certification in personal training. He is currently doing off-season training with all age groups with a focus on aspiring young golfers in a four county area at Cozy Acres Golf Complex. He has begun to do personal training and is planning several group workshops during the winter months. These training sessions include all sports, not just golf. Call him at (812) 273-3137. 


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