The right touch

When swinging the golf club,
‘feel’ the club head in motion


(April 2009)
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Dale Crafton

Recently, I returned from Port St. Lucie, Fla., where I completed my PGA certification. During my final testing sequence, I spent several days with 67 other aspiring golf professionals. The dialog was especially thought provoking, and the various ways to look at the swing were enlightening.

Dale Crafton
Dale Crafton
Dale Crafton

I would like to share with you an approach to the swing several pro’s from California were using. They called it the “awareness” approach to swinging the golf club.
The basic premise is to let your body swing the club and don’t clutter your mind with too many swing thoughts. They believed you could analyze your swing to such an extent you could paralyze your body to swing ineffectively. “Analysis to Paralysis”
(See left photo above.)
It was suggested a sequence of exercises that would allow you to swing more freely and feel the swing. First, swing the club on a horizontal plane like a baseball bat. Start with the club in front of you and swing back and through to a full finish (facing the target).
Next, place the club between parallel and halfway to the ground and swing a sequence again (from in front to back to a finish).
Third, place the club on the ground in the position a golf ball would be and swing back and through to a balanced finish. Execute these three positions “feeling” the location of the club head.
(See photo above middle.)
The final two exercises should be: (1.) take a regular swing except instead of looking where the ball would be on the ground focus your entire attention on the target as you take a full swing. Finally, take a full swing with your eyes closed.
(See photo above at top right.)
When experiencing these five practice sequences, feel the location of the club head. Again, swing the club parallel; swing the club between parallel and the ground; swing the club, starting the club head on the ground; swing the club looking at the target; and finally swing the club with your eyes closed.
Use each of these exercises before you hit a ball (five practice swings taken before hitting the ball) when practicing.
Enjoy your practice session and feel your new swing evolve as you methodically prepare to hit golf balls with less interference from your mind.

• Dale Crafton is the owner and instructor at Cozy Acres Golf Complex, 4040 Old State Rd. 62, Madison, Ind. Call him at (812) 273-3137.


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