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Big numbered holes can be avoided

Rushing and trying to be heroic
are the two major problems


(May 2010)
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Jim Meisner

When asked, many of our members tell me they played well except for, this or that hole. Sure enough, as they recount the round, that Big number spoiled what otherwise would have been a really good round.
Most Big numbers come one of two ways. No. 1.: You try to do something heroic like hitting a career shot through a one foot square opening out of the hazard, forgetting how you got there in the first place; or No. 2: You rush through the shot because you are either embarrassed or frustrated.
Usually, this shot is left in the bunker or rocketed out, over the green and into the hazard or deep rough on the other side. So the question is, how do we avoid the Big number?
First try to determine if there is any pattern to your big number. Is it early or late in the round? Is it a particular hole like No. 2 or No. 6 or No. 13? Is it usually a water hole or perhaps an adventure in a bunker?
Remember, in No. 1 above, there is no shame in chipping the ball back on to the fairway (and maybe even backwards away from the hole) to provide yourself with a chance to get it close and maybe even save the par, thus reducing your chances of leaving it in the hazard for yet another attempt to get out.
A bogey or even a double beats an eight every time. In No. 2, take your time, stay with your pre-shot routine. Forget the last shot; they won’t let you hit it over, anyway. Focus on the shot at hand. Remember, it’s all about one swing at a time. Do away with the Big number and the final number will take care of itself.

• For more ways to get rid of the big number and other ways to improve you game, contact Jim Meisner, PGA Teaching Professional and Director of Instruction, Midwest Golf Academy at Cozy Acres Golf Complex. Call (812) 273-3137 or his cell (812) 267-1378.


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