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Golfers should keep their heads up

Disregard advice about
keeping your head down on the swing


(June 2008)
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Dale Crafton

Haave you ever heard the advice "keep your head down?" Have you ever tried to keep your head down and swing the golf club? 
I recommend you keep your head "up" and behind the ball at impact. The "head up" position allows you to swing the shoulders effectively under your chin.
The intent of the advice, "keep your head down" is good, but in actuatlity other parts of your body are causing the problem of faulty ball striking, not your head. 
There are usually three areas of the body that move, which contribute to the poorly struck golf shots. 1. Not keeping the knees adequately flexed until the ball has been struck; 2. Raising the shoulder just prior to impact, "lifting up;" 3. Raising the hands up prior to impact.

Dale Crafton

The usual result of any of these swing issues is a golf ball that does not get off the ground. The most common of the three is locking of the knees prior to impact.
A properly struck golf ball is when the bottom of the club strikes the bottom of the ball (it will always go up). When the club face strikes the ball perpendicular to the target line, the ball always goes straight. So remember, bottom of the club to the bottom of the ball and the club pointed at the target at impact.
Try these two drills to get the "feel" of a properly struck golf ball. 1. Swing the club slowly during the take away and return the club head to the impact position slowly to check for and get the feel for the proper club head path. 2. Take some practice swings with your eyes closed, "feel" the path of the club head and brush the club head along the grass.
Remember, "head up" and behind the ball at impact. Strike the bottom center of the club to the bottom center of the ball and the club head down the target line at impact to get the ball in the air and straight. Keep working on your game and don't forget to have fun!

• Dale Crafton is the owner and instructor at Cozy Acres Golf Complex, 4040 Old State Rd. 62, Madison, Ind. Call him at (812) 273-3137.


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