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Golfers should avoid
overusing their body in the swing


(July 2009)
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Dale Crafton

As I talk to seasonal golfers and new golfers, the issue of distance is frequently asked about. The other issue often times asked about is the dreaded slice.
If this scenario sounds like you, long shots have a general tendency to slice from left to right, and occasionally you chop under the ball and lob it upward – especially when it is teed – or top it along the ground to the left. Also, there is a general lack of distance, especially on long shots.
Let’s talk about a correction strategy.
Correction: hit practice shots with your feet together, actually touching. Start with a 5-iron and the ball on a low tee. Remove the tee after you begin to make solid contact consistently.

Dale Crafton

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Swing with the arms and hands from the top and keep your feet together, actually touching, to help correct the dreaded slice.

As you hit these shots, make sure that you initiate your downswing with your arms and hands. Even feel that you are casting the club, swinging it freely without overusing your body.
In your case, there is not an incorrect feeling to cultivate. It will give you the free swinging of the arms and free release of the hands that all good players have developed naturally, almost without effort early in their careers. You, too, won’t develop this free swinging if you are to ever transmit fully the power of your body to the club head and the ball.
Once you can feel yourself swinging the club freely with your arms and hands, you will no longer be falling off balance through overusing your body, then gradually widen the stance. If your old shot pattern returns, go back to this feet together drill until you recapture this feeling.
Continue swinging your arms freely from the top of your swing, even if your shots begin to curve in the opposite direction, right to left. If the degree of curve becomes too severe, however, or if you tend to hit the ground behind the ball, combine a clearing or turning of the left hip to the left with your free arm and swing from the top.
This article refers to strategies from golf instructor John Jacobs.

• Dale Crafton is the owner and instructor at Cozy Acres Golf Complex, 4040 Old State Rd. 62, Madison, Ind. Call him at (812) 273-3137.


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